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Parachute LARA 250
Parachute LARA 250Parachute LARA 250

Parachute LARA 250

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The Lara 250

Product Description

The LARA (Low Aspect Ration Annular) emergency reserve parachute has an aerodynamically efficient shape that produces a higher drag coefficient and corresponding lower descent rate during an emergency deployment., , Free Flight Enterprises has drop tested all LARA models, with payloads 25% above nominal weight, at 90 knots. No canopies were damaged., , , System Weight: 6.8lbs, Max Pilot Weight: 250 lbs, Descent Rate: 18.5 f/s, Bridle Material: Type 18 Nylon, Bridle Length: 24 ', Shroud Lines: Conventional, Paraswivel: Integral