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Sport 2C, Wills Wing New, Available in 135, 155, 175

Sport 2C, Wills Wing New, Available in 135, 155, 175

Always available!!

Product Description

The base configuration of the Sport 2 is extraordinarily well equipped with some features that aren’t available at any price on comparable models from other manufacturers. These features are the foundation for the weight (as much as 8 lbs. lighter), handling and performance that have allowed innumerable pilots to achieve new personal milestones.

  • 100% 7075-T6 airframe, including keel, crossbar and leading edges (135 and 155 only)
  • Competition-class control bar with streamlined basetube
  • All hardware CNC machined in-house or from local shops, and only from wrought aluminum billet
  • Premium Polyant sailcloth
  • Over the years, premium options have been added to further enhance both performance and appearance. The Sport 2C configuration includes four of the most-popular and effective options. We are offering the “2C” package for $1000, a $500 discount from the total of these items priced separately.
  • UV-film laminate (Mylar) sail body
  • UV-film laminate (Mylar) “window” bottom surface
  • Speed battens
  • Special-edition black airframe
  • Shipping is not included in the price of the glider. Shipping charges are determined by the lowest quotes from the best freight companies.